hey everyone i really need help in that

i have 2 monitors , with only vga output , it worked fine on my old pc , i know bout new one with those specs :

Motherboard : assus 450b prime blus , ram : 8gb : hard disk : 2 t , cpu : amd ryzen 5 2400 g with vega 11 graphics in it , and no external graphics card

my mother board has 1 vga output and 1 dvi 24 +1 pins , the first monitor is connected to vga works fine , and i bout a dvi to vga cable for the second monitor so i can plug it into the motherboard , but it just can't detect it for some reason i updated my display adapter but still don't work

and even when i only plug my dvi cable it doesn't recognize the monitor , so it doesn't even get anything from dvi port


  • Have you opened your Display Properties and checked the configuration? Have you reinstalled or updated your graphics drivers? – music2myear Mar 22 at 15:47
  • yeah and i keep pressing detect monitor button but it don't detect it , and also tried updating and reinstalling my graphic driver and also didn't work , i posted here when i just think i tried everything i can , what makes me mad is that when i unplug vga and only plug dvi it doesn't even work for even 1 monitor !?! – Hassan elkashif Mar 22 at 15:54

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