A year ago, I had a problem with my laptop, an HP Spectre x360 12-w0XX, so I had to send it to repair. The service support was superb. Indeed, I bought my laptop in Spain, but I had my problem in the UK, so it was the British branch of HP who dealt with the problem. When they send me back my laptop, the keyboard layout changed in a way that I cannot fully understand.

Now, despite the keyboard display (the actual keys that I see) is Spanish, it thinks that the layout is British. If I go to Settings>Laguage and there I set the Spanish layout, then the layout matches most of the key. However, it still leaves out special keys. For example, the key < is interpreted as Right Ctrl. Thus, changing the language layout with the above-mentioned method does not change anything.

Therefore, I wondered if there is a deeper level to set up the keyboard layout so that the software fully matches the hardware.

Thank you very much in advance, I know it´s not the end of the world but it´s a constant pain.

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