I know this has been covered but this is a much more modern and cloud based world the similar questions were asked.

I am a computer guy. I have created a set of batch files which is my procedure for cleaning or preparing a computer. I can run it from a flash drive or from a UNC location on my local network.

My goal is to turn these batch files into a web app (or whatever you suggest) to run from the web.

I also have the following goals:

Batch files cannot be visible on the client side in order to reduce exposing my proprietary process (that's why I'm thinking web app)

Client must be able to run App via the web with a password - similar to UNC Ex: \server\share

I've done this with Azure Storage using SMB file sharing but this still leaves my batch files exposed.

I really don't know a lot about this stuff. I'm a Windows desktop guy.

Looking for suggestions of how to accomplish this.

Thank you,


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    Nope, won't work that way. Unless you can get your clients to join a domain, and then do it via group policies, etc. – ivanivan Mar 22 at 23:56

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