I'm using the OneNote integrated to Windows 10.

This is happening every day:

  • I copy something I need
  • Exit OneNote
  • Paste doesn't work (because I have forgotten about the bug again)
  • I restart OneNote
  • I copy again
  • I minimize OneNote
  • I paste what I needed
  • I go back to OneNote
  • I exit it

It is 100% abnormal to lose clipboard content on exit, why is MS doing it? I guess it is "by design" to annoy people? I cannot find any option to disable it. But maybe there is a Windows or hidden or registry setting?

Since it is abnormal (Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Edge, for example, are NOT doing this, obviously or any other app I know) I'm rather stop using OneNote than to form a new habit, and waste my time to go back twice just to exit.

I don't understand why Microsoft keep making obviously bad design decisions that are inconsistent even with their own apps...

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