I am new to Wordpress. I've bought a template and it uses the Power Builder plugin. I've worked with it on my other websites and it worked perfectly fine. However, I just started to create a new website today and I am hosting it on my Mac. After I installed the template along with Power Builder, the interface changed to a bunch of code instead of the "builder" interface.

This is what I get when I host it on my Mac. enter image description here

This is the one I host on Google Cloud. enter image description here

How do I get the "builder" blocky interface?



Can you check if the php.ini configuration is the same in both the setups. short_open_tag can cause this issue.

  • I have no idea where to check this... – Mean Design Mar 25 at 5:55
  • it should be in your php installation folder. – Vishnu Kraj Mar 25 at 9:59

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