I have a Padavan router at home.

Setup is like following

I have a WAN which is eth2.2 (DHCP from ISP) I have a VPN which is vpnc (openconnect to another house in another country) I have a normal lan which is br0 and ra0(wifi) I have a guest wifi interface ral0 (guest wifi)

I hope I cound do following 1. when I use wired or wifi I go through normal WAN 2. when I use guest wifi I go through VPN to another country.

I could connect to VPN by using ssh command and add 2 iptable rules and VPN connection works. but it added a default route which overwrite the normal default route made me can't use normal WAN when vpn is connected. and the VPN overwrite dns settings from another country. If I route del the vpn default route. and vpn no longer works.

I wonder what should I do if I want make this happen. 2 default gateway for 2 interfaces, one VPN one normal WAN? 2 different DNS server for 2 interfaces?

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