given the below table :

looking area

In the fourth column look up value the value 880.

Now, I want Excel to return the value 1000 because it’s the lowest value in column 4, which happens to be higher than 880.

I want to do this without macro, so a solution that it is not possible using functions would be appreciated.

  • Only need higher value? If yes, you can try this formula: =MINIFS(INDIRECT(CHAR(64+H1)&":"&CHAR(64+H1)),INDIRECT(CHAR(64+H1)&":"&CHAR(64+H1)),H2) ibb.co/3BP36WM – Lee Mar 26 at 3:41

Use AGGREGATE as a SMALL(IF()) to return the smallest number that is equal to or larger than the desired number.

The INDEX(MATCH) returns the correct column to search:


enter image description here

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