I am trying to test the new API 'Payment Request API', that is supported in the last half year by Chrome and Edge. there is a test page for it in this web page: https://stripe.com/docs/payment-request-api

I am able to activate my payment method from my Android device but I can't activate it from my desktop, when using either Chrome or Edge. Instead of 'Pay' button I get the message:

Either your browser does not support the Payment Request API, or you do not have a saved payment method. To try out the Payment Request Button, switch to one of the supported browsers below, and make sure you have a saved payment method.

Although I do have registered payment methods (credit cards) both in my Google and Microsoft accounts.

Why is this API not supported by Chrome and Edge as it was supposed to?

BTW, answer like - 'it works for me', is also acceptable.

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    I get the same error despite having a credit card added under "Payment Methods" in Chrome 76 settings screen.
    – molsson
    Aug 23, 2019 at 10:18


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