I am trying to follow this guide to setup a ssh tunnel to my rds database.

In particular this command:

ssh -N -L localPort:rdsHost:remotePort user@remoteHost -i ~/path/to/key

However, I am using aws-elastic-beanstalk with the eb-cli.

The eb cli provides eb -ssh to connect via ssh to an instance.

eb ssh -e '-N -L localPort:rdsHost:remotePort'

from the eb documentation:

-e CUSTOM, --custom CUSTOM Specify an SSH command to use instead of 'ssh -i keyfile'. Do not include the remote user and hostname.

However, this only yields the following output and terminates instead of creating a tunnel.

INFO: Attempting to open port 22.
INFO: SSH port 22 open.
INFO: Running -N -L localPort:rdsHost:remotePort ec2-user@ip-of-instance

Is it possible to create a tunnel with the eb-cli?

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As you've seen, the documentation is not very clear about it, but when you use the -e or --custom flag, you must also provide the -i flag to the underlying ssh command or it won't use the right key.

So the full command would look like this (e.g. to tunnel port 9229):

   eb ssh --custom 'ssh -i ~/.ssh/keyfile.pem -L 9229:localhost:9229'
  • First I wondered because it also opens a terminal in the instance.. but it works perfectly fine. Thank you very much!
    – ohlr
    Apr 16, 2019 at 7:17

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