Sometimes I accidentally hit Cmd + h which hides a window (or Cmd + q) which closes a window. That seems to be imposed by the app, but I'm not totally sure. The OSX Keyboard Preferences doesn't give me the ability to disable this shortcut.

I have a use case Option + h so hitting Cmd is a mistake. How can I simply remove that hotkey so I don't lose/hide my window (when I hit Cmd + h)?

I don't want to use a proprietary tool. I'm ok with using core OSX or an free open source method. (No BetterTouchTool).

This question seems to come up a lot but usually it's a dead end.

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    Instead of asking if there is a tool to accomplish your goal, please ask how to accomplish it. – I say Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 20:05
  • @TwistyImpersonator I said in the question "How can I simply remove that hotkey so I don't lose my window?" I'm ok with not using a tool at all, if you have a suggestion.. – Evan Carroll Mar 26 at 20:09
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    The parts of your question that ask for a tool (e.g., "Is there an open source tool...?") make your post off-topic. You need to remove such bits and let your question simply ask how to accomplish your goal. – I say Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 20:21
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    That's fine. It's perfectly acceptable to say something like, "If this requires some tool I cannot use proprietary tools." This doesn't constrain answers to include a tool, but ensures any that do will be useful to you. – I say Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 20:25
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    Very good. Thanks for contributing quality content. Close vote retracted. – I say Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 20:26

Using skhd

I was able to get this working by installing skhd, and adding to my .skhdrc

cmd - h : :

Maybe ugly, but it works!

I opened up a ticket to see if we could get an explicit NOOP

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