I'm trying to figure this out.

Current setup: KVM switch on my bench where I have several PC's at a time on one monitor.

At my desk I have my PC I use as my workstation with dual monitors.

I'd like a non-software solution for getting the KVM's monitor in a window on my workstation PC. I currently have a Logitech Master mouse and a switching keyboard so they are able to switch between my workstation and the kvm with a push of a button.

My ultimate goal is to be able to screen record or screen capture on my workstation pictures/videos of the KVM attached display.

a software solution won't work (at least on the client side) because i'm configuring those PC's, and I need to capture video from POST.


try doing that with the phone instead. then upload it on the PC. All phones do provide this function , you can use free minecraft accounts 2019 also ! Regards

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