I developed a vsftp server with three user groups: g1, g2, g3. Each group has a folder with its name. For example.


Each group also has users

sudo useradd -g g1 u1
sudo useradd -g g1 u2
sudo useradd -g g2 u3
sudo useradd -g g2 u4
sudo useradd -g g3 u5

Users in group 1 can only access the folders in group 1 Users in group 2 can only access the folders in group 2 Users in Group 3 can access the folders of all groups.

Users in Group 1 can not delete folders that do not belong to them. Example: u1 tries to delete the u2 folder located at home/server/g1/u2.

Which command should I use to get this type of permission?

Only users in Group 3 can delete the folders in the other groups. Example: u5 can delete the home/server/g2/u4 folder.

To get these permissions I used the following commands.

sudo chown -c -R g3 home/server/g1
sudo chown -c -R g3 home/server/g2

But it did not work either.

Which parameters should I use in the chown command to get the required permissions? Would not the -c parameter be usefulfor that?

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