I have pretty old (~8 years) Supermicro server, which just got 4T new disk (actually it may be even bigger, because we are considering update to 5T or maybe even RAID 12T).

I'm trying to install some modern OS, which can boot both from MBR or from EFI. However if I go MBR, this limits my total available space by 4T (2x2T msdos partition size), if I set GPT partition, BIOS doesn't recognize boot sector and EFI of course.

Is there any way to boot EFI OS over MBR and don't lose space on the disk? In other words, is it possible to boot EFI from GPT partition on the MBR computer?

I know that GPT can work in hybrid mode, so I thought to set there GRUB and from GRUB, boot the main OS over EFI..... But I'm not sure that grub can boot EFI. Also it looks very kludgy....

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