I use KeepassX on Lubuntu 18. I want to change its alt+tab window behavior to "normal".

I use ctl+v to securely paste the password into any given website with autotype.

(n.b. I have edited the autotype to simply enter the password only, i.e. {PASSWORD}.)

Before I do this, the window order that alt+tab uses places KeepassX and the browser one after the other. Its easy to flip between them.

After the password paste, the browser sits at the top of the window stack, but the KeepassX program lies all the way at the bottom.

For a variety of reasons, this behavior really doesn't work for me. I just want it to behave like any other application.

Anyone know how to change this?

(This is different from this question, that similarly struggles with KeepassX's rather muscular approach to window order)

PS - I can't use ctl+c as a work around. I also use Diodon as a clipboard manager (required, but would consider a compatible replacement). KeepassX seems unable to clear the password from Diodon.

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