So i have an old spare of a razer blackwidow ultimate 2014 edition keyboard and recently someone wants to buy it. problem is, the keyboard now suddenly starts flickering (disconnecting/reconnecting) repeatedly after a couple seconds of plugging it in. what i've tried:

using every single usb port connecting on 8 other pcs, 3 of which were laptops;

reinstalling windows;

reinstalling proper drivers;

cleaned keyboard to 100% even on the motherboard and the back of the keys(did improve results but didnt fix it);

any other keyboard works perfectly fine. anyone know what the issue could be and how to fix it?

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    The most you can do is clean it up. If that doesn't help, it can be declared as broken. – harrymc Apr 1 at 13:49
  • @harrymc is that an acceptable reason for warranty effects? – user163342 Apr 1 at 13:50
  • From the image this seems like a wired keyboard, so there is no reason for it to become unavailable and can be declared as broken. However, if your version is wireless, more checks can be done. – harrymc Apr 1 at 13:55
  • @harrymc yes its wired, but even if the issue is on the actual structure of the keyboard i can fix it, thats why i wanted to know exactly what the problem is. i've checked the cables inside and two of them seem to probably have burned out somehow, but they don't connect directly to the keyboard's energy. – user163342 Apr 1 at 13:58
  • You can always present a bad contact as a defect, if you are still under warranty. – harrymc Apr 1 at 13:59

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