I am using Microsoft Office 2007. I have an Excel file and need to convert it into a CSV File. When I save the file as CSV then some values are converted into another format

Before converting the 4th column shows the value 6000000116:

before: GROUP_HOF_ID = 6000000116

After converting to CSV it shows 6E+09:

after: GROUP_HOF_ID = 6E+09

How to solve this problem?


It's simply because the width of the column is not enough for the precise value, therefore Excel displays it in scientific notation. It's the same reason you see ######... in Excel files with a too narrow cell width

To show the exact value, resize the column to make it bigger. However you'll get the same "issue" the next time you open the file, because there's no column width information in CSV file like in xls/xlsx files

If you want to fix it permanently then you must format the cell/column as text (by prepending it with ' or various other ways) before exporting, or set the column as text while importing the file using the wizard

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