I deleted Ubuntu from windows 10 dual boot setup as I wanted to install manjaro Linux in this setup.So I deleted the partitions and removed the grub using diskpart method from windows command prompt. Now my windows is working fine but when I tried installing manjaro from bootable pendrive grub rescue appeared with error: unknown filesystem. I am not sure how to proceed forward.I checked other answers telling me to setprefix but this doesn't work for me. Commands I tried-

set prefix=(hd0,2)boot/grub

Set root=(hd0,2)

Insmod normal

This gives me error:no such partition.So I tried all partitions.Still doesn't work.

Also I don't understand why installing manjaro gives me Ubuntu grub rescue error.

disk scheme This is disk scheme

boot menu

boot rescue error

Update-I installed Mint 18.2 to check if the error will appear in its installation but it installed fine.After that when I retried to install Manjaro, same grub rescue screen appeared.

Dual boot Installed Mint OS

Grub dispayed

Grub rescue screen when trying to install manjaro

  • So at this point, you have a drive with Win 10 partitions and a chunk of unallocated space? A simple thing to try would be to use diskpart to create empty partitions for Manjaro before you try to install it. – fixer1234 Apr 2 at 22:16
  • I have created partitions for manjaro but when I try to install it using bootable pendrive grub rescue screen appears. – karma_moksha Apr 3 at 3:23
  • 1. What did you use to make the pendrive bootable? 2. Try using diskpart to format those Manjaro partitions ext4 before trying to install Manjaro. 3. If #2 doesn't work. Create a pendrive for something like Mint, which is extremely forgiving and very installable. Install that in the space you are planning for Manjaro. If that doesn't work, there's something else going on. But if it does work, then install Manjaro to replace it. – fixer1234 Apr 3 at 5:01
  • I used Rufus to make the pendrive bootable.Also if I install mint and then replace it with manjaro,won't I have to delete grub again to replace it with manjaro?If yes,then I fear I may reach same error unless I understand what went wrong in first place. – karma_moksha Apr 3 at 20:50
  • If Mint installs, don't do any kind of prep with diskpart. When you install Manjaro, it will see Mint there and ask you what you want to do. You will have choices like let Manjaro do whatever it wants with the space, overwriting whatever Mint did; or install Manjaro in addition to Mint; or let you pick where and how to install Manjaro; etc. Pick the option where you define things. Then pick the same partition(s) for Manjaro. If you picked reasonable sizes for Mint, you won't need to recreate the partitions, themselves, for Manjaro; (cont'd) – fixer1234 Apr 3 at 21:37

The problem is solved now.I had to write the bootable pendrive in DD image in rufus.Now it is working fine.Thank you

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