when I run

docker exec -i -t transmission  df -h /media/TOSHIBA_HD/home-theater/

from /storage/.config/autostart.sh I don't get any output at all if I run it from ssh I get

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
tmpfs           374M  2.6M  372M   1% /media/TOSHIBA_HD/home-theater

which I can use to know if transmission is mapped correctly or needs a restart

I am hitting my head against the wall, trying to figure out why my bash SSH terminal works nicely but the autostart.sh doesn't both run as root, I redirected the output to a log to see looped waiting a second - checking it again and again - and while my shell showed the correct output, autostart.sh STILL gives no output


turns out it was a flag issue, instead of running:

docker exec -i -t transmission  df -h /media/TOSHIBA_HD/home-theater/

I need to run:

docker exec -i transmission  df -h /media/TOSHIBA_HD/home-theater/

without the -t flag which requires a terminal.

found this out by searching the error “The input device is not a TTY” here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43099116/error-the-input-device-is-not-a-tty

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