I'm trying to install pip to windows 7. I have tried the command "python -m pip install --upgrade" . But generated the following output:

Please enter a word This word is a palindrome Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\runpy.py", line 193, in _run_module_as_mai n "main", mod_spec) File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\runpy.py", line 85, in _run_code exec(code, run_globals) File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip__main__.py", line 16, i n from pip._internal import main as _main # isort:skip # noqa File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal__init__.py", line 40, in from pip._internal.cli.autocompletion import autocomplete File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal\cli\autocomple tion.py", line 8, in from pip._internal.cli.main_parser import create_main_parser File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal\cli\main_parse r.py", line 8, in from pip._internal.cli import cmdoptions File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal\cli\cmdoptions .py", line 20, in from pip._internal.utils.hashes import STRONG_HASHES File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal\utils\hashes.p y", line 10, in from pip._internal.utils.misc import read_chunks File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_internal\utils\misc.py" , line 21, in from pip._vendor import pkg_resources File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_vendor\pkg_resources__ init__.py", line 82, in import('pip._vendor.packaging.requirements') File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_vendor\packaging\requir ements.py", line 9, in from pip._vendor.pyparsing import stringStart, stringEnd, originalTextFor, P arseException File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_vendor\pyparsing.py", l ine 4761, in _reBracketExpr = Literal("[") + Optional("^").setResultsName("negate") + Gro up( OneOrMore( _charRange | _singleChar ) ).setResultsName("body") + "]" File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_vendor\pyparsing.py", l ine 1224, in setResultsName newself = self.copy() File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\pip_vendor\pyparsing.py", l ine 1183, in copy cpy = copy.copy( self ) AttributeError: module 'copy' has no attribute 'copy'

PS: when I try to execute pip.exe it generates the output by starting "Please enter a word. I have set my path variable to python37 directory and python37/Scripts/pip.exe.

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