I created a new recurring meeting invite using Outlook. I converted it into a Skype meeting invite.

So it added all the meeting URL and dial in details into the meeting description. Then I realized that I want it to be a normal meeting (non-Skype). So I deleted the entire description. I thought that deleting the description will convert it into a normal meeting (I was wrong though). I sent out the invite to all the participants with blank meeting description.

Now I want to add the Skype meeting URL again into the description and send an update on the original meeting invite. The link pointed by Join Skype Meeting shown in the screenshot below when I was creating the meeting invite for the first time:

enter image description here

But I've no way to retrieve it. Can someone suggest on how to retrieve the missing Skype meeting URL?


In addition to RBT, ioin the meeting you scheduled in the previous step. The Skype for Business meeting window has a round "..." button at the bottom right corner of the window. Click the button and choose the Meeting Entry Info option from the context menu. The dialog that opens shows a Meeting Link field which contains the URL that you'll use to join the meeting

enter image description here

Check this link:


  • This is the real answer. I can also copy the link so easily. Awesome! – RBT Apr 4 at 8:32

I was able to figure out a way for the same. I'm using Outlook from Office 365

  1. Open the meeting, either an occurrence or the series.
  2. Go to Meeting Occurrence tab
  3. The meeting description wasn't showing any Skype meeting URL.
  4. Hover your mouse over Join Skype meeting button in the toolbar.
  5. The meeting URL is shown in the tool-tip. You will note it down manually though as Windows doesn't allow copying content from tool-tip:

    enter image description here

  6. This meeting URL is very helpful as anyone can join the meeting by browsing the URL in a web-browser

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