I downloaded MySQL, php and Apache separate but I had to download Xampp. For this reason I am receiving this error when loading Xampp.

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I tried to uninstall Apache using -k uninstall function but still it is giving me this error.

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    The error messages tell you what is wrong and what you need to change. – DavidPostill Apr 3 '19 at 17:18

You may wish to try using e.g. httpd.exe -k uninstall -n "Apache2.4" rather than simply httpd.exe -k uninstall. Windows also has sc delete, which can remove services ex. sc delete Apache2.4. You will need to stop Apache prior to deleting it with either httpd.exe -k stop or e.g. httpd -k stop -n "Apache2.4".

You can also take similar steps with the MySQL service:

net stop MySQL
sc delete MySQL


  • All of these commands should be run from an elevated (administrative) command prompt. To do this, open the Run... dialog from the Windows Start Menu, type cmd then type Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Alternately, you can select the Run as administrator option when right-clicking the cmd.exe result.

  • The Windows Services menu can also stop both Apache and MySQL (assuming you do not wish to do so from the command line). Likewise, it can help you determine a service name if you are uncertain about what to use in the commands above.

  • As a suggestion, you may also wish to consider reinstalling XAMPP after the separate services above have successfully been removed (though this seems unlikely to be necessary under normal circumstances).

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