I'm using FileZilla to sftp into a remote server. The logon type is "normal" with a username and password set. However, when I try to connect, based on level 3 debugging in FileZilla, it tries all of my ssh keys BEFORE trying the password. Once it hits the 6th ssh key, it rejects me with the error:

Error:          type 2 (protocol error):
Error:          "Too many authentication failures for root"

The issue is that the login method is set to normal, not key file. Why is FileZilla trying to authenticate via my ssh keys and not the credentials I provided? My current workaround is to remove my ssh keys on my local machine so that FileZilla tries (and fails) only the 4 keys I have locally, and once that fails, it then tries the username + password and successfully logs me in.

  • I have the exact same issue. On the command line, I was able to avoid this problem by creating an entry for the server in my SSH config with PreferredAuthentications password and PubkeyAuthentication no but I don't know how to make FileZilla do the same.
    – Midnighter
    Aug 30 at 15:02


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