So for the life of me I can not figure out why I have this weird issue.

I have a desktop and laptop at home. When the laptop is connected to VPN ( External work network ) I can rdp to it just fine. Now when it should be even easier to connect to only connected to my router and no VPN for some reason I can't ping it, I can't RDP into it.

It's connected to WiFi with no manual DNS settings or anything like that. Firewall is disabled completely, only the VPN connection has firewall rules set externally.

Router ( ASUS RT-AC68U ) Desktop ( ESET Firewall RDP allowed ) Laptop ( No firewall )

  • Tell us more about your local network and where are situated the RDP client and server. – harrymc Apr 5 at 6:01
  • Desktop is EoP LAN connected to router and Laptop is WiFi connected, both have an IP reservation in DHCP. I mean it works just fine while the laptop is VPN connected. – RiCHiE Apr 5 at 8:40
  • VPN connected to what? Is the Laptop also on that VPN? – harrymc Apr 5 at 9:21
  • The VPN is connected to business network at&t vpn. on a completly different range. The desktop is not connected to the vpn. The rdp from desktop to laptop only works when the laptop is on vpn – RiCHiE Apr 6 at 9:22
  • Is this the classical problem of accessing your home from work? – harrymc Apr 6 at 9:24

So it turns out the firewall was turning on when I disconnected from VPN which is strange because it showed as off for all connection types (domain, private and public) while connected to VPN.

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