I am trying to connect to the TMS320F2812 target through my Laptop where I dont have parallel port. Hence, I bought a USB->Parallel port converter.

I am not using any Emulator (External Hardware) for connection and I bought this cable hoping that CCS5.3 will have some inbuilt emulator(Software) to enable this connection. But, I am not able to use CCS5.3 to connect to this target.

I have tried all the (relevant USB) options in Target.ccxml (Connection menu) but couldnt connect.

Connection setting

Also the test connection failed (Example below)

Testing the connection

Please help me resolve this issue

FYI, I have connected USB end to laptop, Parallel port end to the parallel port cable and which in turn connects to the target.

Please let me know if you need any other information from my side.

Thanks and Regards.


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