I have installed a virtual machine on Oracle virtual box, but it is showing black screen error with cursor, in logs, there was an issue as: 00:00:06.668127 HM: HMR3Init: Attempting fall back to NEM: VT-x is not available

Screeshot 1: In Bios setting intel virtualization is enabled

But later it was found that in Intel Processor Identification Utility, Intel Virtualization was disabled so, how to enable the same. Intel Processor Identifiaction Utility

Black Screen error in virtual box

  • You enable Intel Virtualization in the BIOS. – harrymc Apr 5 '19 at 17:32
  • Do you have Hyper-V, device guard, or credential guard enabled? What antivirus do you have? Some AV programs will block hardware VT. – essjae Apr 5 '19 at 17:39
  • Already enabled Intel virtualization in bios @harrymc – Mahima Mangal Apr 6 '19 at 10:13
  • HyperV , credential guard both are disabled and I am not using any vendors antivirus software. @essjae – Mahima Mangal Apr 6 '19 at 10:27

The problem has been solved after switching off core isolation in device security under windows security option, now virtual machines are running perfectly fine. Thank you everyone!


According to your BIOS screenshot, your computer model supports VT-d but not VT-x.

You need both VT-d and VT-x.

The full names by Intel are:

  • Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)
  • Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT)

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