Scrolling with infrared type mouse using the scroll wheel "windows 7" has a dead spot and wont scroll, however If I depress the wheel for auto or mouse movement scrolling application it scrolls and then once the page is moved at all it will scroll with the manual wheel once again. Would cleaning inside possible fix it or get a new mouse, or What causes this and how to fix it?... Death Adder model# rz01-1005...3500 dpi,,3.5G infrared sensor. It has worked fine for years and nothing new added to pc. that I know of and no other strange behaviors.

  • The laser generally isn't involved in the scroll wheel function of these mice. Have you tried cleaning the mouse? – music2myear Apr 5 at 21:48
  • havent yet, was checking for info before I took it apart. – Art Apr 5 at 21:50
  • 1
    We cannot know the answer to this. Especially for hardware issues, various factors and possible causes are nearly limitless. We don't know how you use the mouse, we don't know your cleanliness habits with your computer equipment or those you allow to use your computer equipment, we don't know a lot of things, and any of those myriad of things are possible causes of a possible cause for this issue. Or it could be something else entirely. – music2myear Apr 5 at 21:53
  • I popped cover off mouse blew it out, tiny bit of dust and maybe a small piece of hair. will take days before it may or may not do again. – Art Apr 5 at 22:20

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