I'm sorry, in advance, if I don't use proper format. Long story short, I got a GPU that came from Mining and the bios was changed for mining. I reinstalled a new bios from "https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/197216/gigabyte-rx580-8192-171019".

I tried the other bios for it as well, but only this one from "techpowerup" works.

When testing the GPU the fan rpm shows zero, even though it is spinning. then after the test it shows like around three thousand rpm, the sound it makes is horrible. This GPU also gets extremely warm. In task manager it shows 100% GPU utilization but only 1 GB of GPU VRAM Utilization is used. The GPU is Gigabyte Aorus Rx580 8 GB. Any idea how to fix the fans and allow the use of all 8 GB of its GPU RAM?

  • Update: I have installed a new fan. the fans RPM now works well. The GPU isn't overheating anymore. the GPU VRAM Utilization is still only at 1 GB and i don't know why. – George Go Apr 7 at 9:24

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