I have recently started working with raspberry pi . I am a complete newbie so bare with me. I have connected my raspberry pi to my home router and I am being able to work with it for now. But I must show the project at my university. I won't be have my router there. I have VNC installed. My questions mainly is can I now be able to use my raspberry Pi at my university with the IP alloted by the router while connecting my Rpi to my pc using an Ethernet cable? I don't have a TTL or and HDMI cable available for the moment. Any other solutions would be useful.


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    Ask your university's IT department. – DavidPostill Apr 6 at 16:26
  • Configure both the Pi and PC (statically) to use the addresses assigned to them by your router. You shpuld not, however, connec this to the uni network. – davidgo Apr 6 at 22:50

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