I am using recent OEL 7 with KVM Virtualization. I have created Windows 2008 VM with virt-manager on this host and want to install VirtIO drivers, but drivers appear not to work at all.

I found VM devices are identified as (for example) VEN_1AF4&DEV_1000&SUBSYS_00051AF4&REV_00

but Oracle Virtio drivers are for VEN_1AF4&DEV_1000&SUBSYS_0001108E&REV_00

I bet Windows do not match subsystem and can not install the driver. This is true for all PCI devices. It seems that SUBSYS_00051AF4 is supported by Fedora (RedHat?) virtio drivers.

How qemu create identification for provided PCI devices and how it can be changed?

Virtualization packages where installed from Oracle public repositories, no custom repositories are defined.

virsh dumpxml show:

<type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-i440fx-rhel7.0.0'>hvm</type>

but there is no qemu-system-* binary to ask what machine types are possible to set.

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