I've downloaded a page with wget -m a good while ago. The internal links were not converted correctly so whenever the url includes a ? (GET parameters), the link is broken. If I change the ? in the URL with the %3F, the link works. However I obviously can't change all the question marks in the page since some of them are part of external URLs, javascript or other parts of the page.

Which tool can I use to fix these broken links?

The page doesn't exist anymore so I can not re-download it (with different wget options)


You could try to replace all ? with a certain context, like

sed 's/?\([a-z][A-Z]\)/%3F\1/g' a.html > b.html

This will process a.html (leaving it untouched) and create/overwrite b.html with modified HTML text.

The sed expression will find ? followed by a letter ([a-z][A-Z]), capture the letter (\(..\)), and replace it with %3F and the captured letter (\1).

Depending on your HTML file, you might have to refine the context to get a working result.

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