This is my workpace. It is grouped by date to help me orient in it.


Some of the folders group other projects by a company, for example. The problem is that file changes in those folders don't propagate to the container folder and even though there are projects that I have worked on recently, the folder will remain buried in history.

I would like to have a solution that will track those changes (1 level deep is sufficient) and touch the parent containers.

How to write a script that listens to the changes and does what I want?

I am on windows 10, but I use unxutils in cmd, bash and ubuntu wsl.

/edit I have just realised that the script doesn't have to listen to the changes but can run automatically every n hours - if that would make things easier.

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    In Linux, you can set the modify stamp of a directory to the time stamp of its more recent child with touch -r $(ls -t | head -1) . (yes, you can touch a directory). – xenoid Apr 10 '19 at 12:11
  • Excellent, I can totally do that in cmd with UnxUtils or with git for Windows, thanks! – Qwerty Apr 10 '19 at 12:45

Thanks @xenoid for the heads up. This is ultimately my solution

for d in */; do
    touch $d -r "$d$(ls $d -t | head -1)"

Now I just need to figure out how to run it automatically. I'll get back and update this answer...

  • I didn't manage to run it automatically, but it doesn't matter, I just double-click touch.sh in the folder and it's updated whenever I feel it's out of sync. – Qwerty Mar 30 at 16:12

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