I'm using notepad++ version 7.6.4 with NppFTP plugin version 0.27.5 Unicode.
I have a VAX (VMS) server that I connect to.
I could connect to the server using other FTP clients like Reflection FTP and KEA!.
But to edit files and to do comparison directly from notepad++ would be a great advantage to me.


When I configure the profile settings of the NppFTP and connect, the application crashes. I'm able to login with username and password. Something goes wrong when STRU F command is being passed or being executed.
Here is the snapshot of the messages window from NppFTP.
enter image description here
The image is faint because the application has crashed already.


  • I have searched the notepad community for similar questions, but could not find one.
  • I have changed the FTP type from active to passive and back to passive. Doesn't help.
  • Did not provide any initial directory in the host. Still had the problem.
    Provided a path of the initial directory, the problem stil exists.

What else should I be doing? I understand that the FTP command STRU F is just asking for the directory structure from the FTP server (VAX-VMS server). But I don't see a way to stop NppFTP from doing it

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