If I create a shortcut to a folder and drag the shortcut onto the start menu, then the shortcut on the start menu behaves just like any other shortcut - click it to open the folder in explorer.

However, if I drag the folder onto the start menu, then it expands in-situ. If I then copy this shortcut(?) into another location on my machine and compare it to other files/folders, its type appears as "Folder" as opposed to "File Folder" (which is what I get when I choose File->New->Folder.

What's the difference between these two types of folder?

Can I create one of these folders without dragging onto the start menu?


With the help of zildjohn01 I've found out that these are called "Junction Points".


Interesting question... I never knew this behavior existed. I managed to recreate it without drag-n-drop.

  1. Create the new folder (for example C:\xyz)

  2. Put the following in desktop.ini in the new folder


  3. Create a shortcut named target.lnk in the folder pointing to the desired destination folder.

  4. Add the system attribute to the folder

    C:\>attrib +s xyz

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