First, let's say I've already read this question and this one as well with no luck for me.

I've got Lightshot installed and with the Print Screen key mapped, so every time I press that key it simply grays the screen in order to select the zone I want to capture. It works fine on Windows explorer and mostly every single program (Windows 10 Pro running).

Problem comes when I want to capture Visual Studio 2017 or the program I'm actually developing.

Since I'm a developer, I know when and how I'm capturing key events through my code and I know right I'm not capturing at any time the Print Screen key.

I thought it might be a problem related with Lightshot itself but seem it isn't, since I press the Print Screen key and it effectively performs a screenshot, but not through Lightshot.

This lead me to guess which program could be actually capturing the event, with no luck. I was curious about the Dropbox issue, but I haven't even got the Dropbox client installed.

Any thoughts?


I've got this finally working and it's related with the administrator privileges my Visual Studio was running in.

I fixed it applying this solution closing Lightshot and opening it again.

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