If my laptop is plugged in I want closing the lid to automatically lock the computer, without putting it to sleep. I don't see an option to do this in Power Options:

Power screen

Is there a hack to achieve this?

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    This is generally a bad idea: your laptop dissipates a good deal of heat through the keyboard, and if you leave the computer running with the lid closed, you risk overheating things.
    – Mark
    Apr 12 '19 at 21:23
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    @Mark: ...and yet you can set it to keep running full blast when you close the lid, without frying anything.
    – Vikki
    Apr 13 '19 at 3:26

As far as I know, there is no built-in function to achieve this. But you can do this using a third party tool.

One of them is LapLock. This program is a lightweight (<50KB), open source tool and it's developed by Etienne Dechamps.


  1. Download the program - https://github.com/dechamps/laplock/releases
    (Download the latest laplock.exe release)

  2. Open the Windows Startup folder by using this run command - 'shell:common startup'

  3. Add laplock.exe to your Startup folder.

You can also use Lid Lock to do this.

  • thanks, this implementation pretty much sums up the answer by mazunki, uses GUID_LIDSWITCH_STATE_CHANGE
    – Kevin
    Dec 5 '19 at 0:57

Two steps:

  • Capture the close lid event.
  • Trigger a lock-screen event.

See: Capturing laptop lid closing event in windows?, and Command-line (cmd) command to lock a windows machine.

From those sources, we can use RegisterPowerSettingNotification and GUID_LIDSWITCH_STATE_CHANGE to detect the trigger, and run:

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation 

from the command line to send a lock screen request to the machine.

I don't know what compilers you have available, or what languages you know, but this information should help you set up a program to do it for you.

I don't use Windows myself, so I can't build or test it for you.


The solution is simple, in options --> accounts --> Sign-in options: Require sign-in = Every Time

enter image description here

  • I do not see a "Require sign-in" option in that section. Below "Picture Password" I have "Dynamic Lock" ... "Privacy" ... but no Require sign-in.
    – feetwet
    Sep 7 '20 at 19:05

Very likely because of the Extended Display Option set for the Monitor. Set the display only to Monitor, it should work.

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    Can you elaborate on this a little more?
    – Toto
    2 days ago

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