I have a Macintosh comma-delimited .csv file that has 88 rows including a header. It takes the following format:

unit_id, lease_id,  old_code,  old_primary_code,  new_code,  primary_code,  first_name,  last_name, notes
1004, 21121218,  t0185619,  t0185619,  xx0185619, xx0185619, XSponge, XBob

When I open the file in Excel on my mac, the file looks fine, although I get a "Possible Data Loss" warning.

When I save the file, nothing seems to get saved except the very last row:

1008,  21122033,  t0031108,  t0031108,  xx0031108, xx0031108, Jack,  Sparrow 

The .csv is created using a simple Ruby script and the file does not seem to have anything odd about it; for example, I can open it in Excel, I can import it into an Excel sheet, etc. with no issues.

I have no idea why this is happening, can someone shed some light?

  • How about re-saving as a new .csv file in MAC instead of save directly? – Lee Apr 15 at 2:58
  • @Lee - same result unfortunately >8( – user2478739 Apr 15 at 14:08

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