I scanned some duplex printed A3 pages stapled in the middle into a multi-page pdf file.

The result kind of looks like this:

(left side of the A3 page | right side)
page n   | page 1
page 2   | page n-1
page n-2 | page 3

Is there any way to batch convert this into an A4 formatted pdf with all the pages in the right order?

  • By batching you mean from the command line? – Edi Apr 15 at 14:07
  • I don't care if it's from the command line or by using a GUI, just that it can be used without cropping each page manually. – pomeloy Apr 26 at 10:51


Not the prettiest but it works.

This python script accepts multiple PDFs as command-line arguments and saves the results in the same directory. For requirements see the github readme.

  • I do realise its a program you wrote yourself - but an example of how you'd use it would likely round out the answer better. – Journeyman Geek Apr 26 at 14:00
  • Got it. Better now? – pomeloy Apr 26 at 14:15

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