I use tracked changes when drafting documents and collecting review comments. The company also has custom meta data field populated by our document management system. We are using office 365.

A while ago (not sure when or with which software version) Word started to show me a dialogue before each save.

MS Word message prior to saving

I have to press OK to actually save. The 'Tell Me More' button leads here.

This dialogue is tedious as I save often. It also breaks the work flow with our DMS which saves the file locally and then updates meta data. This process now gets stuck at the message and I often find myself waiting for the document to open when in fact the message is somewhere under another window waiting for me to OK it.

How can I disable this message?

  1. Go to File > Options > Trust Center and click on "Trust Center Settings...".
  2. Navigate to "Privacy Options" and then, under "Document-specific settings", disable the first checkbox.
  3. Confirm by clicking OK twice.

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