I recently changed the domain of two of my servers from mdorst.net to mars.mdorst.net. Now when I go to ssh, one of them auto completes as expected, and the other does not.

$ ssh michael@o<Tab>

autocompletes to

$ ssh michael@opportunity.mars.mdorst.net

which is what I want. However, when I type

$ ssh michael@c<Tab>

it autocompletes to

$ ssh michael@curiosity.m.net

and places the cursor after the m.

My best guess was that it knew that I had typed both of the following

$ ssh michael@curiosity.mdorst.net
$ ssh michael@curiosity.mars.mdorst.net

before, and wanted to know which one. Extremely clever! Except that I don't want that behavior, so I went back through my .zsh_history and deleted all occurrences of curiosity.mdorst.net, and the problem persists!

This is extremely confusing to me, because I have also done opportunity.mdorst.net before, but this doesn't happen when I type o<Tab>, only when I type c<Tab>.

How can I make it autocomplete to the correct domain?

  • Have you checked ~/.ssh/known_hosts and /etc/hosts? IMHO the completions are taken from those files. – mpy Apr 16 at 18:10
  • @mpy I deleted my known_hosts file and it solved the problem (once I had ssh'd back into each host, and logged back in). Thanks. You should post an answer. – Michael Dorst Apr 16 at 20:37

zsh is gathering the information about usernames and visited hosts for ssh completion from the files

  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts
  • ~/.ssh/known_hosts

if the hosts and known-hosts-files style is not set. (Source: zshcompsys manual)

So, you should check at first place your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file and delete the line with the remote computer you don't want to be completed.

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