how to migrate a single vm from ASM to ARM?

I'm trying to migrate a single vm from ASM to an existing ARM. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/windows/migration-classic-resource-manager-overview#migration-of-virtual-machines-in-a-virtual-network this micsoft doc eplains how to migrate everything from ASM to ARM but I need just one singe vm to be migrated to an existing ARM. Please guide me if someone knows. I'm very new to the cloud environment. Thank you


All of the steps are listed here. In Step 6, is where the action happens. You need to first determine if your Classic VM is a Cloud Service (not in a VNET) or if it's in a VNET. If its a Cloud Service you must move it to a ARM VNET (Option 1 creates a new VNET for you, Option 2 lets you migrate to an existing VNET.

If your Classic VM is already in a VNET (Get-AzureService | ft Servicename will return an error). To migrate virtual machines in a virtual network, you migrate the virtual network. The virtual machines automatically migrate with the virtual network.

Please run all the validation commands before attempting a migration.

Bonus way is to take a classic VM and use the VHD to create a new VM that uses the Resource Manager deployment model and managed disks. For the best results, Stop the classic VM in the Azure portal before creating the snapshot.


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