I use Outlook for Mac (version 16.16.8) and am trying to create a client-side rule to filter emails that have a list of keywords in their subject field.

I can easily set this up when it's a server-side rule but doing the same on the client-side seems impossible

Here's what my server-side rule looks like: server-side rule

And this is what my client-side rule is like: client-side rule

How do I have the rule match multiple keywords in the subject line the way the server-side rule does? I've already tried changing bhk to "bhk" or "room" or "flatmate" or "roommate" or "flat" but that has no effect.

  • I also test this issue on my side and got the same results with you. I’m afraid this is by design. As a workaround , you can use the server rules. – Perry Apr 18 at 5:31
  • 2
    I'd like to suggest you post a feedback in Outlook for Mac uservoice forum.outlook.uservoice.com/forums/293343-outlook-for-mac – Perry Apr 18 at 5:33

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