uTorrent completes a download and transfers ok to folder "completed downloads" and then starts seeding. Later, I do a manual transfer (from within uTorrent) from this "completed downloads" to my external HDD. I do so by stopping this file from seeding, then use the "set location" feature. When transfer complete, I then start seeding again using "start or "force start". In doing this manual transfer, there are occasions that not all of the file ends up in desired location and some percentage of the file remains in the "completed downloads" folder. So I have to take steps to get uTorrent to download the missing bits of the file again.

When doing the manual transfers, it is not always evident that transfer was a failure unless you do a recheck for every transfer. I now recheck every time. Just to clarify, the file transferred could be a single file in a folder or sometimes not in a folder. The actual mp3 music file transferred is only partial. I am not talking about say only tracks 3, 6, 8, 9 transferred... so all I have to do is cut paste the missing tracks into the new location ... no the music files themselves are broken

Am I doing something wrong?

My PC is laptop with only a 250Gb SSD hard drive, ie C:. So I use ext HDD for "completed downloads". I manually transfer from this ext HDD to either other ext HDD or NAS (24Tb). There is not enough space to do Torrenting entirely within C drive and there are times when C drive is very full with less than 1 Gb spare capacity. Even so, transfers can fail when there is 20Gb spare space in C drive.

  • It's time to check the drive for errors. – GabrielaGarcia Apr 17 at 10:46

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