Asking on that site as similar question were asked here (Browsing cached pages with no internet connection, Browse local copies of websites when possible (Firefox with slow internet connection)) and IMHO question pertains to web browsers more than operating system (Android). I noted tabs in firefox on android with wikipedia pages do not open w/out active connection after device restart (Serve not found). Other sites (e.g. kickstarter, google) open fine even for tabs which are much older than non-opening wiki tabs. Wiki tab in Chrome opened fine after restart. Why?

What can I check more to understand the reason for the difference?

ADDED: the wiki pages started to re-load from cache successfully in Firefox when I opened them online in desktop site mode, moreover, on next restart even couple of next pages w/out desktop checkmark reloaded ok.

On desktop (where in Chrome I can see headers in developer tool) I see for google search response max-age=31..000, for wikipedia max-age=0) - it it an answer?

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