1. after pip install virtualenvwrapper.
  2. workon
  3. mkvirtualenv temp mistake -bash: /usr/local/bin/virtualenv: /usr/local/opt/python/bin/python3.6: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

but i have installed 3.7 and 2 if I should specially install 3.6 please clarify how to do it. Thanks

So the answer I think for me in the future)

$ pip uninstall virtualenvwrapper

And again, until it says there are no virtualenvwrappers installed ... $ pip uninstall virtualenvwrapper

$ pip uninstall virtualenv And again, until it says there are no virtualenvs installed ... $ pip uninstall virtualenv

$ brew uninstall python

And again, until it says there're no pythons installed ... $ brew uninstall python

  • and then do ... *

$ brew remove python

$ brew update && brew upgrade

$ brew doctor

$ brew install python

$ export PATH="/usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH"

$ echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc Then I add this variablesto the vim ~.bashrc, vim ~/.bash_profile,

export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs


source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh

the tutorial wich helps me How to configure virtualenvwrapper with python3 in OSX Mojave multiple python version different version of python that Variant I did not try but interesting

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