I'm trying to remove the these files from the F:/ drive (see link) as they're preventing shadow copies from being created which is destroying our backup job.

I've tried rmdir "system volume information"/s /q and del /f (See Link)

Also tried to remove with Robocopy

Also tried to enable shadow copies but it's throwing back errors due to drive space.

Anyone know of a command or another way about deleting these?

Seems to think the files are not recognised or exist.

Server is 2008 r2

Any help would be very much appreciated

TreeSize of F:/

Attempt at deleting AAlog


It is not recommended directly delete the folder.

It store their files in this folder below: System restore points on client systems or System State backups made using Windows Server Backup (wbadmin) in server OSs; The contents of Indexing Service database used for fast file search; Distributed Link Tracking Service database; Disk snapshots made by Volume Shadow Copy, which can be used to recover older versions of files; NTFS disk quota settings; The database of file deduplication service; DFS Replication database (dfsr.db).

Check the contents of folder Run command :vssadmin list shadowstorage

Use the command below to delete the old shadow copy https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/vssadmin-delete-shadows

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