I'm trying to set up my local Windows 7 machine to receive SSH connections so I tried to follow this guide on how to install OpenSSH into a Windows machine to server as an SSH server.

I was able to follow all the way to the end (I also copied my public key to the authorized_keys file to make sure) but whenever I try to SSH into it (server and client is the same machine) it says the connection is reset:

$ ssh domain.com
Connection reset by ----::----:----:----:----%16 port 22

Not really sure what to make of it and how to fix it.

I looked at log files and I got unable to generate token for user, and unable to get security token for user. Some searching around led me to https://github.com/PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH/issues/1053 and I did the solution regarding secpol.msc. However after trying again I still get the same errors.


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