I am trying to map the left windows key to Alt in Windows 10, because RealVNC apparently doesn't catch the windows key. Can this be done using AutoHotKey? I found some sort-of-working approaches:

; method 1. Works for everything except WIN-B
; LWin::Alt

; these don't work
; #b::MsgBox, Hello

; method 2. Better, but still brings up windows menu if LWin is pressed on its own
#b::Send, {Alt down}b{Alt up}
#f::Send, {Alt down}f{Alt up}
#w::Send, {Alt down}w{Alt up}
#y::Send, {Alt down}y{Alt up}
#+b::Send, {Alt down}B{Alt up}
#+f::Send, {Alt down}F{Alt up}
#d::Send, {Alt down}d{Alt up}
#h::Send, {Alt down}h{Alt up}
#x::Send, {Alt down}x{Alt up}
#<::Send, {Alt down}<{Alt up}
#>::Send, {Alt down}>{Alt up}
#Backspace::Send, {Alt down}{Backspace}{Alt up}

; this doesn't work (makes all the preceding macros stop working)
; LWin Up::MsgBox, Hello

But, as noted in the ; comments, it's not quite working. Any thoughts on the right way to remap the left windows key to Alt?

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