I'm using CR Professional - version

When running a report through an external program I get the below error:

Error in formula Font_Color:
'if not isNull({InvItems_2.TYPE}) and {InvItems_2_TYPE} <> "fubar" then <br>16777215 else DefaultAttribute;'
A number is required here.
Details: errorKind

The problem I'm having is that I believe this formatting formula no longer exists in the report.

Things I've tried:

  • Checking every single formula in the Formula Workshop
  • Exporting the report to Report Definition and scouring through every single line to no avail
  • Saving as a new report and running it

I have since deleted everything off the report and ran it with no errors. Am I at the point where I need to delete things one by one until I fix it or is there an easier way?

I searched prior to asking here and found this one user having similar issues with no solution on the SAP website..


By deleting fields one-by-one I've managed to locate the source of the problem, however the formula in question does not exist.

There is no conditional formatting in the font_color :

I've tried adding my own Font_Color formula for the field in question in hopes of overwriting the other formula with no results.

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Answering my own question -

To those of you who find this in the future, I could not find a solution capable of fixing the field that was causing errors.

Just delete fields until it works, then replace the field that was causing errors.

Good luck.

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