I know that most of the devices that are using usb type a ports susceptable in being destroyed by usb killers. Is there anyway on modifying type a ports or other ports to protect them from usb killers? While making the port still usable for other usb accessories.

I know that usb killers charges 200v and up capacitor with 5v and discharges every few milliseconds.

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    There might be a way to modify your computer, although that wouldn't be on-topic here. You could gain some protection by using a cheap hub. Plug the hub into your computer and plug suspect pendrives into the hub. Hopefully, a USB killer would destroy only the hub. Check out this earlier question, How do I safely investigate a USB stick found in the parking lot at work?, which provides an alternate perspective on avoiding the problem. – fixer1234 Apr 20 at 20:58

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