Is there a simple command-line utility for unix available to use to convert an .m4a audio file or .webm file (that I can generate from youtube-dl) to a wave (.wav) file?

I tried ffmpeg and it gives me errors when I tried converting to any output format and it also creates zero-byte files.

I also don't have avconv but when I looked at its documentation online I think it wants to install the same libraries ffmpeg already installed.

But rather than installing an elaborate package (as I am low on disk space), isn't there a simple utility that can do this task for unix?

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    I'd question the premise: youtube-dl uses ffmpeg in some cases to convert the dashboard audio, and it works fine. So the real question is why your ffmpeg doesn't work, and that can have a number of reasons, from "outdated version" to "give it the right options". – dirkt Apr 21 at 4:38
  • Agreed. Seems like an XY problem. – llogan Apr 22 at 17:27

I found my answer from here:


I just have to execute:

faad -o outputfile.wav inputfile.m4a

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